The Writer´s Coffee

“The Writer’s Coffee” is the first specialty coffee in the center of the city of La Paz, where the aroma and flavor of the coffee coexist in a welcoming work environment and offers its customers a specialty coffee of Bolivian origin, through the technical management of part of its baristas, trained and trained in the framework of the standard of the Italian espresso academy in its 1st stage implemented with Barra and specialty coffee techniques.
“The Writer’s Coffee” was conceptualized by the Hierro Brother’s Company, which is the central purpose of revaluing the La Paz center. It has adapted a part of the interior of the Gilbert bookstore, thus installing one of its Cafés with a unique concept suitable for this place icon of the La Paz center . Under the phrase “Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book” “Happiness is a cup of good coffee and a good book” and a unique collection of old typewriters, Hierro Brothe’s created an appropriate environment to enjoy a good coffee and good reading.

Social Work

“The Writer’s Coffee” is committed to society by offering fair trade type coffee.
Since Hierro Brother’s uses domestic products and supplies in the preparation of its products, directly supporting the growth of small and medium-sized private companies through its Hierro Brothers Indulgence line.

Why Coffee?

Because enjoying a cup of quality coffee, is increasingly becoming part of our culture and coexistence in society.
Why do we offer different types of coffee?
Because “The Writer’s Coffee” considers it important to take into account the different tastes and preferences of its clientele, with the aim of encouraging people to taste Bolivian coffee in its different methods and international presentations.

How is the coffee culture in La Paz?

<div style=”color:black; text-align: justify;”>In the consumption of coffee in a large part of the population of the city of La Paz, the traditional form of distilled coffee still predominates; However, in recent years the taste of quality coffee has been strengthened in sectors of the population, encouraged by a production and presentation technique that has nothing to envy to the best coffees in the world.</div>