This year, the historic city center of La Paz will become a new luxury hotel driven by design, Altu Qala , whose owner, Boris Alarcón, a Bolivian based in Berlin who has worked with the deceased Zaha Hadid, has been for a decade. He is responsible for improving the quality of coffee in the city of La Paz, after having opened El café del escritor, a cafe adorned with vintage typewriters that can be found in a bookstore dating back to 1907. Coffee was also installed Bronze HB Bar at the base of what will soon be the 10 -suite, five-star Altu Qala.

A 1900 terraced house artfully crowned with two contemporary floors, its interior features of the period of blending with media gems of the century from Alarcón’s private collection, should include Kienzle, Motoko Ishii lights and 400 pieces of Murano glass. “All my life is here!” , he says enthusiastically. The hotel will be fed by Chola in Borsalino, a Bolivian-Italian restaurant that promises dishes such as red beet risotto with llama salami and a pork terrine with five different Andean potatoes.

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