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The coffee tournament was joined by 109 suppliers who published coffee samples, of which 73 microlotes entered the second phase, also the total, only 18 classified, which correspond to the municipalities of Caranavi, La Asunta and Villa Tunari

In an international auction that took place this Wednesday, the company Hierro Brothers Coffeeshops won the lot of the Presidential Cafe of Bolivia at the price of 53.20 dollars per pound .

In the act, the Minister of Rural Development and Lands, César Cocárico , indicated that in the third phase of the 3rd National Tournament Cup of Quality Presidential Coffee Evo Morales Ayma 2017 , carried out from October 12 to 15 in the municipality of Coroico of the province and the department of La Paz, the international jury and the tasting process award the score of 92 to Valeriano Callejas of the municipality of Villa Tunari, with 89 points to Miguel Cáceres and 88.5 to Pedro Castro, both from the municipality of Caranavi.

“Bolivian coffee has many qualities and an articulation between the productive sector, the state administration and cooperation, this is the strategy for this tournament, it was in the first year Charazani the winner, last year Caranavi, this year is the turn of Villa tunari. With this activity we want to improve the price of coffee, 2016 reached 8.80 dollars export, now it is tripling and this means higher income for our producers, we must continue to strengthen this type of activities, Cocarico said.

At the conclusion of the event, it was Chancellor Fernando Huanacuni who announced the price at which the Villa Tunari coffee will be exported, (this happened at the close of the 12:00 auction), “now we are facing a challenge, that of increase production to improve the quality of life and improve the income of miles of people who depend on coffee, that initiative to be through the Ministry of Rural Development and the Lands that form the National Fund for Integral Development FONADIN, has the purpose of make new market openings, “he said

The coffee tournament brought together 109 producers who provided samples of coffee, of which 73 microlotes entered the second phase, the total was also presented, only 18 classified, which corresponded to the municipalities of Caranavi, La Asunta and Villa Tunari

The coffee tournament, arose a root of the conformation of the first Bolivian Coffee Cup National Council, in 2014, integrated by the National Association of Coffee Producers (ANPROCA), the Exporters Suppliers Federation of Bolivia (FECAFEB), the Autonomous Municipal Government of Caranavi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Alternative Development Fund FONADAL, in that year, now FONADIN, as promoter of the Council.

According to the coffee producers, this is the first time in the history of Bolivian coffee that is exported to more than 50 dollars , “we remember, that a time ago more than 30 dollars a pound”. “, Pointed out José Luis Quispe, Fonadin technician.

The National Fund for Integral Development (FONADIN) is an institution that depends on the Ministry of Rural Development and the networks and projects with the actions of the European Union and the General Treasury of the State, in the Yungas areas of La Paz, Trópico of Cochabamba and risk municipalities.

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